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ATI Sports presented in 2013 a prototype, an idea, a revolution, to change and allow the practice of sliding sports by and for a handicaped population.

The practice of the seated water-skiing suffers from the lack of technicality and the followers have few choices of European equipment adapted to their practice. “Seat Damper System” developed by ATI Sports makes accessible the practice of the discipline to all. The solutions which we propose tend to make gets out of it that water sports takes some development within the population with reduced mobility, while opening a breach in that of the valid people for a playful practice.

So, the simplest model includes a ski about 40 centimeters wide and on which we sit down on a tissue in a simple frame without ties


Novice frame Handiski designed and built by ATI Sports



La mise en marche

Before being able to propose the armature recently thought and made, the team behind ATI Sports made sure to concentrate on essential points:

– The safety: worried about our users, we preferred to take time to study all the possible and conceivable scenarios once launched on the water to propose in all the handisportifs a quality of safeand pleasant glide.

-The comfort: to propose a seat allowing to ski in comfortable situation, such was our mission. Because we know that the practice of a sport is or a leisure or a means of looseness, and that we too much know well that a small imperfection can ruin these moments, our frames get a comfort which allows to take advantage besides because they adopt all a dynamic amortization


– The design: boards are beautiful, the equipment makes you more beautiful when you put? And well once comfortably sat on the frame of ATI Sports, your posture on the water will be glorified.

All theses) points were worked in close collaboration with of innovative and inspirants “betâ-testers” which were able to validate and propose new directly applied improvements.

The wheel were underway, we were able to realize our 1ers tries to the Club of the “Bois Français of Grenoble” and to Dienville Beside Troye – which were very decisive. We grew up to 40 kph, the beginning board and the frame which showed themselves stable and, the set follows in the perfection the movements of our tester.



The next week always in the Port of Dienville together with the SNCA (Association of Water-skiing Club of the Aube) for a day of initiation into the ski Handi or Handiski. 1ers tests with Thomas Ohayoun – beginner – and the rest of the group was decisive (you can find all the photos taken during this day on our  Facebook page).

Video of the 1st exit Video of the 1st release without any trouble of a beginner Handiski (Water-skiing sat with the frame ATI Sports)


ATI Sports made a commitment in the mission to make accessiblesliding sports to all.

The adventure is only beginning, but we are proud of our creation and the readable enjoyment on the first testers of our product is only strengthening our determination to fill our mission. However nothing would be possible without the support of numerous partners, but especially our fantasies and encouraging sports and user.


The most beautiful pictures of our sessions of initiations


ATI Sports_initiation_Handisport_Handiski_Ski-assis-2

ATI Sports_initiation_Handisport_Handiski_Ski-assis


Do not hesitate to find us on our Facebook page for further information or a more direct contact.
We invite you to announce us all your questioning or ideas (or other) via the form of contact of our site.

If you want to be informed about the next events of initiation organized in partnership with ATI Sports, send us a small message, we shall indulge to answer you then to meet you.

See you soon for new adventures,

And good ride!


ATI Sports Team

Nos meilleures ventes!

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